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The art of Namrata comes alive in the carefully curated products sold under the “Namrata Weaves” label. As a woman entrepreneur in India she started the company modestly in the apartment of her family in Kolkata, India. Namrata nurtured the company, working with numerous weavers and artisans, belonging to the diverse communities in India, with whom she developed a fraternity, offering a path forward to a better life for the people she worked with. Simultaneously, she offered the customer certain unique experiences such as presenting them fabric in unique designs, with each saree having a unique name, so that the customer knew that there is only one of that saree – a piece of art – that the customer can claim as the only one ever made.

Starting in 2023, nearly twelve years after the formal inception of the company, Namrata Weaves now has a global presence and recognition. She has expanded the way in which the work of the artisans and weavers can be creatively applied to fabric to bring alive the artistic sensibility of Namrata in a variety of products – from the traditional saree to keepsake “potli” bags that fit in with the home decor products now available from Namrata Weaves. The journey of Namrata and Namrata Weaves has been inspiring and much more is yet to come. See the media stories about Namrata and Namrata Weaves

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